Friday, October 10, 2008

SPOTLIGHT: Danielle Floyd Olsen

After graduation, I went off to Rick's College, now BYU-I, where I studied Fashion Merchandising but was interrupted by the transition to the university because they were dissolving the program and by a marriage proposal:) I met my husband, John, while home for Thanksgiving, at a friend's house who was attending BSU. She was dating his best friend and introduced us because he was also attending Rick's. When we got back to campus we dated and were engaged by March and married in June of 2001. Rexburg was much smaller than it is now, so we decided to move back to Boise where John had a good job and was able to continue his education.

We lived in campus housing for 6 months before purchasing our first home in Nampa and have been there ever since! John is a master sales man and has sold everything from drainage systems to cell phones; he is currently employed by Camping World and selling RVs in Meridian. I have worked a couple of different jobs over the years but the best job is being a mother to my two beautiful miracles. Travis is 4 and is my best bud! I can't believe how fast my little man is growing up! He started Pre-School this year and is being so brave about it. He is kind of a "Momma's Boy" and I know he is as nervous as I am, but wants to be a "Big Boy". Naomi is 2 and is our little pistol. She is our Tasmanian Angel that keeps our day full of fun. She always has stories to tell and mischief to get in to. We have had our ups and downs with bringing our kids to our family, but every day we have together is a gift.